Hornsea Four Formal Consultation


Graham Stuart MP pledges support for major proposed offshore wind farm project Hornsea Four

Here you will find documents, reports, plans and drawings available for download during the Hornsea Four Formal Consultation
(August 13th – September 23rd).

Preliminary Environmental
Information Report (PEIR)

Non-Technical Summary

Volume 1: Introduction, Project Design and Policy Context


Planning and Policy Context

Site Selection and Consideration of Alternatives

Project Description

Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology


Volume 2: Offshore Environmental Assessment

Marine Geology, Oceanography and Physical Processes

Benthic and Intertidal Ecology

Fish and Shellfish Ecology

Marine Mammals

Offshore and Intertidal Ornithology

Commercial Fisheries

Shipping and Navigation

Aviation and Radar

Marine Archaeology

Seascape, Landscape and Visual Resources

Infrastructure and Other Users

Volume 3: Onshore Environmental Assessment

Geology and Ground Conditions

Hydrology and Flood Risk

Ecology and Nature Conservation

Landscape and Visual

Historic Environment

Land Use and Agriculture

Traffic and Transport

Noise and Vibration

Air Quality and Health


Volume 4: Introductory Annexes

How to read this PEIR

Volume 4: Site Selection and Consideration of Alternatives

Grid Connection and Refinement of the Cable Landfall

Selection and Refinement of the Offshore Infrastructure

Selection and Refinement of the Onshore Infrastructure

Volume 4: Project Description Annexes

Offshore Crossing Schedule

Onshore Crossing Schedule

EMF Compliance Statement

Dredging and Disposal (Site Characterisation)

Subsea Noise Technical Report

Outline Design Vision Statement

Layout Principles

Volume 4: Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology Annexes

Impacts Register

Impacts Register (Excel)

Commitment Register

Commitment Register (Excel)

Offshore Cumulative Effects

Location of Offshore Cumulative Schemes

Onshore Cumulative Effects

Location of Onshore Cumulative Schemes

Volume 5: Offshore Annexes

Marine Processes Technical Report

Benthic and Intertidal Ecology Technical Report

Water Framework Directive Assessment

Marine Conservation Zone Assessment

Fish and Shellfish Ecology Technical Report

Marine Mammal Technical Report

Offshore and Intertidal Ornithology Baseline Characterisation Report

Offshore Ornithology Displacement Analysis

Offshore Ornithology Collision Risk Modelling

Commercial Fisheries Technical Report

Navigational Risk Assessment

Aviation and Radar Technical Report

Marine Archaeology Technical Report

Seascape, Landscape and Visual Resources Technical Report

Seascape, Landscape and Visual Resources Visualisations

Volume 6: Onshore Annexes

Land Quality Preliminary Risk Assessment

Envirocheck Report (web only)

Geomorphological Baseline Survey Report

Onshore Infrastructure Flood Risk Assessment

Water Framework Directive Compliance Assessment

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey Report

Onshore Ornithology - Wintering and Migratory Birds Survey Report

Great Crested Newt Environmental DNA (eDNA) Survey Report 

Landscape and Visual Resources: Photography and Photomontages

Historic Environment Desk Based Assessment

Aerial Photographic and Lidar Assessment (Interim Report) Technical Report

Priority Archaeological Geophysical Survey 

Geoarchaeological Desk Based Assessment

Traffic and Transport Technical Report

Baseline Noise Survey Report

Socio-economics Technical Report