We have launched our Targeted Compensation Measures Consultation

5 August – 6 September 2021

We are undertaking non-statutory consultation on proposed Compensation Measures.

We are now undertaking non-statutory consultation on the following proposed Compensation Measures: 

  • Offshore nesting
  • Onshore nesting 
  • Predator eradication 
  • Bycatch reduction
  • Fish habitat management 

A detailed description of each measure, location maps and an impacts register are also available on our website at: hornseaprojects.co.uk/hornsea-project-four/compensation-measures-consultation

We welcome feedback to help develop our proposals regarding impacts such as, but not limited to: 
  • Environmental (e.g. landscape and visual amenity, local/marine ecology, wildlife) 
  • Economical (e.g. commercial activities such as shipping and fisheries, employment opportunities) 
  • Social (e.g. Public Rights of Way and noise) 

More information will be available regarding technical aspects of the Compensation Measures as our proposals develop including as part of the DCO application process.