Hornsea Four submit DCO Application to the Planning Inspectorate

Hornsea Four recently submitted our DCO application, on 29 September 2021 to the Planning Inspectorate.

We have received a considerable amount of feedback throughout our pre-application consultation, including comments as part of our formal phase two consultation (in August-September 2019), three additional rounds of targeted consultation, one round of non-statutory targeted consultation and ongoing feedback from landowners, statutory consultees, and other interested parties. 

We aimed to ensure our final proposal responds to the concerns and wishes of the local community, statutory consultees and stakeholders with an interest in the development of Hornsea Four. 

The Hornsea Four Development Consent Order (DCO) Application includes:

  • A Proportionate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and associated annexes
  • A Consultation Report
  • Derogation case and compensation measures

The DCO application documents are available to view on the Planning Inspectorate’s website via: 


You can find out more about how you can engage with our proposals for Hornsea Four throughout the acceptance and examination process by registering your interest on the Hornsea Four website to receive updates on the DCO application: hornseaprojects.co.uk/Hornsea-Project-Four or via the Planning inspectorate website.